American Pickers Returning to SC

American Pickers Return to South Carolina for Season Four

By Celeste Hawkins

The History Channel’s American Pickers follows treasure hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they scour sheds, barns, basements, garages, and junkyards across the country for antiques and Americana. These pickers are returning to South Carolina during the show’s fourth season, with plans to shoot early this year.

When American Pickers debuted on the History Channel in January 2010, over 3 million viewers tuned in. Two years later, the reality show still ranks among top cable programs with an impressive 6.13 million viewers watching the first new episode of the year.

So far in season four, Mike and Frank have continued their cross-country antique search in Mississippi, Minnesota, West Virginia, Maryland, South Dakota, Virginia, Maine, and D.C. The men never seem to mind lugging their finds back to camp at LeClaire, Iowa. Danielle Colby Cushman, the third cast member of the show, watches their store, Antique Archeology since the duo stay on the road more often than not. Mike, the owner of the shop, opened a second store this past July in Nashville.

South Carolina may be Mike and Frank’s next stop. The pickers plan to arrive in South Carolina within the next few months, according to producer Jodi Friedman. Although they call Iowa home, Friedman said, “Mike and Frank love South Carolina.” She added that in this state and the South at large, they like finding “items very specific to an area that can tell the history of that area.” When Mike and Frank visited the state last March during season two, they found a hardware store full of 1800’s inventory.

This visit, the crew hopes to find even more collectors of items such as movie memorabilia, bicycles, folk art, vintage casino machines, and signage. The show’s producers recently contacted Chambers of Commerce across South Carolina for leads on large, private collections. Their exact destinations in the state will depend on the leads they receive, although Mike and Frank do knock on doors from time to time. The pickers avoid disclosing specific towns or cities of their visits because of safety concerns.

David Cordeau, President of the Spartanburg Area Chamber of Commerce, said, “We’ve been trying to identify people that have a significant amount of stuff tucked back behind their barns that might be of interest.” Since being contacted by the producers, his office has used social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin to spread the word.

To see if your treasures are show worthy, contact Jodi Friedman by email at Make sure to mention your name, phone number , town, state and the items along with pictures. Who knows you could be the next feature on American Pickers.