Why Aren’t More Women in Government and Church Leadership?

A few weeks ago columnist Charlie Speight

wrote an open letter to conservative women.

His purpose was to ask the question,

“Where are you?”

Excerpts from his letter :

America’s economy is in the tank, we have

no coherent foreign policy, unemployment

is raging, home sales are pitiful, health insurance

is costly and getting more so, the

education of our children is haphazard and

disproportionate, illegal immigration is

rampant and becoming more destructive

and our “leaders” are raking in cash and

perks while the country burns.

Liberal women want the public to believe

that – because you’re conservative – YOU

don’t care about the health, education or

future of children (even your own).

Look, I realize you’re busy being and doing

what America needs… But, when it

comes to governing, where are you?

There are currently 17 women in the

United States Senate – only five (less than

30%) of which are Republicans. Of the

435 members of the United States House

of Representatives, only 76 are women

– 53 Democrats and 23 Republican. Six

governors are women, four of which are

Republicans and three of those are the first

of their gender to serve as the state’s chief

executive… So, work the arithmetic; of the

590 primary elected positions in the United

States – governorships, U.S. Senate and

House of Representatives – only 17% (99)

are held by women and only 5% (32) are


We the people are desperate for the leadership

and stewardship of you, the conservative

woman. I wouldn’t vote for a candidate

based on how many X chromosomes

they have any more than I would buy a car

just because of its color. But I will vote for

THE woman… – THE woman who is THE

conservatively principled candidate in the

race. – THE woman that believes in the wisdom

of the constitution. – THE woman that

understands the necessity of fiscal management

and responsibility. – THE woman

who insists on government accountability.

– THE woman who recognizes the need to

nurture small businesses and promote programs

and policies that makes them successful.

– THE woman who will not put up

with the malfeasance that have damaged

our schools and threatened our children’s’

education. – THE woman who realizes the

damage caused by high and unnecessary

taxes. There are plenty of you out there.

We need you. Where are you?”

To Charlie Speight we would state, “We

are here where we have always been, ready

to lead but marginalized by the many who

expect us to be the support system only and

not the leader.”

Is there a subservient attitude toward women

promoted by the church, that prevents

good conservative women from being able

to serve in leadership roles in the church

and in governement as well? To a person

who has grown up in church, that question

may seem offensive, but I believe it to have

merit. Below is an abbreviated laundry list

of grievances.

• It is habitually taught in many

churches that women are inferior

beings destined to serve their husbands.

God made Eve a help to

Adam. This is the same word used

to describe the Holy Spirit as a

helper. The Holy Spirit’s primary

function is not laundry. Eve was

created as a speaking spirit and

co-laborer with Adam in ruling the


• Women aren’t equipped to serve

a leadership role in the church.

The ordination of women is not a

liberal position. The Great Commission

of Matthew 28:19-20 is

for male and female. Chloe led a

church. Priscilla and her husband,

Aquila, offered biblical teaching

and correction to Apollos. Paul

commends Lois and Eunice for

teaching scriptures to Timothy.

Phoebe (Romans 16:21), Priscilla

and Junia served as part of Paul’s

apostolic team.

• Women exhibiting strong leadership

qualities pose a danger to

the church. See Proverbs 31. Reference

the strength of Catherine

Booth, founder of the Salvation

Army, Amy Carmichael, Bertha

Smith working through the Boxer

Rebellion, Aimee Semple McPherson,

Lottie Moon, Carrie Judd

Montgomery, Minnie Draper, Ida

Robinson, Florence Crawford,

Maria Woodworth Etter, Joyce

Meyer, etc.

• Women are more easily deceived

than men. Women are certainly

subject to deception, yet history

reveals that almost every false religion

today was founded by a man.

Most of the pseudo-Christian cults,

such as Sun Myung Moon’s Unification

Church or L. Ron Hubbard’s

Church of Scientology, were started

by men. This doesn’t include anti-

Christian philosophies brought in

by Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung, or

Charles Darwin. In addressing the

Gnosticism that was creeping into

the church Paul wrote that is was

Adam created first, not the goddess

mother diety who had no need

of male assistance to give birth to

Adam. Paul made it clear that this

diety was not “enlightened” when

she listened to the serpent/devil

and supposedly taught higher order

thinking to Adam. Paul also

mentions “men of depraved mind”

in II Timothy 3:8 and “imposters”

in verse 13.

• Women should obediently submit

to their husbands, or even ALL

men, in ALL situations. Jesus

condemned hierarchical leadership

of the world and proclaimed

that leaders in His kingdom must

first be servants. Paul’s discourse

in Ephesians 5:21 tells both husbands

and wives to submit to one

another, children to submit to their

parents and slaves to their masters.

This submission comes from

the Greek word hupotasso means

that it is something one imposes

on oneself rather than demanding

from another individual as in domination.

This word can also mean

“to identify with” or “become one

with”. In correct context, Paul told

the new Christian community that

the wife was no longer owned by

or attached to her father but was

now submitted to or identified with

her husband. Yes, wives are to

submit to their own husbands, not

ALL men.

On this past Election Day, an area man and

woman were in mutual agreement during

a discussion over electing a woman to the

office of U. S. President. Neither could

bring themselves to vote for a woman, but

neither could give a clear reason why they

wouldn’t. England, the mother country,

has given us Margaret Thatcher as a powerful

example of the ability of a conservative

woman to lead a nation. Even Israel,

the apple of God’s eye, had a woman at

the helm (Golda Meir) during their historic

Seven Day War.

It is no wonder that it is difficult to get conservative

women elected to public office,

especially in the Bible belt where religious

tradition can trump biblical truth. The

Church in Galatia had initially received the

full message of grace but later became paralyzed

by the “spell” of the spirit of religion

that relied on the traditions and doctrines of

men. It was to this very situation that Paul

wrote in Galations 3:28

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor

free, male nor female, for you are all one in

Christ Jesus.

The story of Deborah is the poster-child for

women in leadership. There were only two

people in Old Testament recorded history

to hold simultaneous offices of judge and

prophet according to Spiros Zodhiates, who

has written over 200 books, many of which

are in depth word-by-word commentaries

on the Books of the New Testament. The

first on record is Deborah, and the second

is Samuel

The famous woman of Proverbs 31 is commonly

referred to as “the virtuous woman”.

The word virtue dilutes the meaning of

the actual word Chayil that means might,

strength, power; able, valiant, virtuous and

valor, as well as referring to wealth. This

same word was used for the entourage of

the Queen of Sheba. Even so, according to

the American Heritage Dictionary virtue

has eight definitions. The more comprehensive

definitions are right action and thinking,

particular beneficial moral quality, effective

power or force, courage and daring,

and acting or being responsible. Webster’s

Dictionary quotes Ben Johnson, “Fear to do

base unworthy things is valor: If they be

done to us, to suffer them is valor, too.”

The paradox is that Christ came to break the

burdens placed on women. He talked with

them, traveled with them, and taught them

in places reserved for men only. Even Paul

installed women as teachers of men and

church leaders

While the topic of women leading in the

church may cause more heartburn to some

then women holding office in government,

it is important to see that the former influences

the latter. I realize that different people

and different denominations interpret

the Scriptures differently at times, but all too

often there are those who profer opinion or

tradtion and call it “the gospel.” Certainly

there are differences in style of leadership

between genders but each gender is to be

given the honor bestowed by their Creator.

Differences are to be celebrated. Misogyny

and the marginalization of women is not a

benign tradition. It is rooted in pride….the

very sin that caused the fall of Lucifer. Today

is the day for the church to utilize the

many capable women ready and willing to

help our nation out of it’s troubled state.

Editor’s note: With the recent advent of a

female running for the highest office in our

country, we thought it befitting to print this

article to open up a serious dialouge about

women in leadership not only in our government

but in our churches. If you would

like to comment on the topic please email

lisa@gowoodruff.com. We welcome your

opinions and insight into this often controversial